Romeu Clinical Enterpises
RCE, Romeu Clinical Enterprises, is a conglomerate of several companies serving the Health Care Industry for over 25 years.
The “R” is for research. “C” for Clinics, and “E” for Education.
RCE is a multifaceted company with deep ties to the community. Service to all the needs of the Health Care Industry is the primordial impetus.

Reliable Research Laboratory, Inc.

www.reliableresearchlaboratory.com   or www.rerelab.com

State of the art Clinical Laboratory servicing all phases of the Research Pharmaceutical Industry. The team is formed by seasoned experts that have been working together for over 20 years.

Clinical Research Institute,Inc.


A full service Clinical Research Facility. Located in the heart of the Miami research triangle. Walking distance from the Medical School, and the most prestigious Florida Hospitals.

CRI has a proven track record in studies on diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Constipation, as well as Sleep Studies. There are beds available for overnight early phase studies, and an outpatient clinic for the later phase.

The research team are proven experts in their respective fields, all with a vast exposure to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharm RCE


Is a wholesale and retail online pharmaceutical distributor. The base of operations is in Merida, Mexico, with exportation to all of Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

A group formed to serve latin americans who live in North America, and have family members in latin America. PharmRCE is ready to deliver any medication available to any latin American site.

No order is too large or small.

Derma Beauty Spa


A full service derma spa. Anything from a skin peal to Botox and fillers. A center which helps everyone look younger.

Prestige Laser Center
A full service laser center with the latest equipment, and skilled technologists.
At Prestige a desired hair, veins, nails can be eliminated. All under expert supervision.

Medical Education with RCE


Romeu Clinical Group has been involved with the training and guidance of physicians since 2001. Our clients are accredited Medical Schools desiring to place their senior students into bone fide clinical rotations for credit.

Our task is to pair the Medical students with ACGME accredited clinical rotations, and guide them in the arduous task of hands on clinical exposure.

To date more than 1,200 Medical Students have passed through our affiliated facilities.

For further information register in www.romeuclinical.com , in the education section.

Stem Cell Lab


STEM CELL LAB is a privately-owned laboratory annexed to a full service Clinical Research Laboratory. The Clinical Research Team houses Reliable Research Laboratory. Our team of scientists has been working together for over 25 years servicing public health facilities, clinical primary care sites of all sizes, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. We have completed over 700 research trials catering to the requests of almost every major pharmaceutical company.